Is losing weight fast dangerous?

Updated: Sep 26, 2020

Today we are going to deal with this simple question, Is losing weight fast dangerous?

Weight loss is the most popular health breakthrough among millions of fitness enthusiasts around the world. That's why every modern company that sells supplements praises the supposedly accelerated weight loss benefits associated with their diet products.

Just the fact that some of these nutrition companies do not tell fans is true for millions of dollars, that really effective weight loss processes should be gradual, not spring. Shedding extra pounds as amazingly fast as such money sellers claim can be as devastating as obesity itself.

Achieving a healthy body weight is never necessarily a reliable guarantee that a person is completely safe for health or that he or she will actually be able to maintain it in the long run. Hasty weight loss is unlikely to be sustainable, even for the most strenuous diets or exercise.

Here are some ideas on why losing weight fast or rapid fat loss may not be a great idea after all. Read on to find out some common shortcomings of rapid weight loss, according to proper medical advice.

Slow metabolism

Losing weight fast cannot occur without extreme food deprivation, regardless of strenuous exercise. For a quick natural reaction, the body will perceive such harsh self-denial as a sure sign of hunger.

Then the suddenly deprived system goes into an instant "starvation mode" for natural survival. Metabolic activity slows down as the body tries to use the least amount of energy wisely, storing a little more fat than usual. Metabolic activity is markedly reduced.

Slow metabolism opens the door to a variety of health complications, such as low blood pressure and blood sugar imbalance. And the problems that arise may not be so simple as to bring them back when they arise.

To avoid excessive calorie reduction, medical wisdom recommends balanced regimens that combine both diet and proper exercise. Also, do not try new fitness techniques / programs without careful prior consultation with qualified healthcare professionals.

You may need to do some preliminary checks to confirm your personal eligibility for such new weight loss packages. Or, if you do not see a competent medical expert for prior professional study, just slowly follow all the new fitness methodologies - weighing your body's reactions to them, little by little.

Increased lethargy, irritability and dizziness

Refusal of the recommended diet of nutrients for an extremely long period will certainly lead to increased feelings of lethargy, irritability and dizziness. And this, in turn, will have a detrimental effect on your regular schedule at home and at work.

Therefore, it is usually recommended that women avoid reducing more than 1,200 calories a day and 1,500, respectively.

Astute fitness trainers who focus on holistic weight management processes say that weight loss should be maintained. And this is not exactly the case when a person constantly denies himself the necessary replenishment of energy until they become too effective, even to continue their normal daily activities.

Another little-known reason that you are likely to become more irritable or uncharacteristically obscene with sudden weight loss is insomnia. People who are malnourished rarely adhere to the usual 8 hours of sleep for adults. Losing weight fast could be fatal

Possible lack of vital nutrients

People who boast of losing a lot of weight in an unusually short period of time may not have certain important nutrients. And this may be the only scientifically plausible explanation for how they managed to lose a lot of weight in an extremely short time.

Major health experts justifiably frown at bizarre fitness hacks that exclude whole classes of foods such as vitamins, minerals and proteins. Any of these critical food categories have indispensable health benefits, as excess can contribute to obesity.

We strive to get rid of excess fat to be healthier. However, a rating in generally safe weight brackets is not always true proof that we are as healthy as we think.

Therefore, all weight loss programs should be extensively tested and approved by certified physicians in court. Although the complete avoidance of some important macronutrients can lead to deceptively rapid positive results, this results in nutritional deficiencies that can lead to both temporary and long-term contraindications.

And although losing weight fast strikes all people directly or otherwise adversely, it may be even more inappropriate for those under 18 years of age. This is due to the fact that their tenders are still in the process of being formed; and as such, the lack of key ingredients for bodybuilding means a correspondingly more debilitating effect.

Abnormal hair shedding

We usually lose 50 to 100 strands of hair a day. However, we risk losing a lot more threads every day if we losing weight fast in an unhealthily short time.

A perfectly balanced diet should include such basic components as zinc, iron and protein - which are essential dietary elements that we will definitely omit when we expose ourselves to extremely high-calorie diets. Acute deficiency of such basic food ingredients causes such serious health problems as abnormal hair loss.

Another notable link between rapid weight loss and worsening hair loss is that the "starvation" regime forces the body to strive for a more moderate distribution of vital nutrients, often reducing the supply of some vital places in the anatomy. Abnormal hair loss is one of the direct manifestations of the consequences of health crises.

Other health problems are related to rapid weight loss

Other documented contraindications associated with rapid weight loss include electrolyte imbalance (when natural elements work too high / low) and constipation (digestive problems). Doctors also warn that women may begin to miss previously stable menstruation if they losing weight fast and too quickly. And this sign of the red flag can sometimes portend the emergence of quite long-term complications associated with infertility.

Sharply reduced calorie intake can also lead to a corresponding loss of muscle mass. When you starve, your body destroys muscle mass as a direct source of energy needed to nourish basic activities such as walking or washing.

Although losing excess fat is an important milestone, reducing muscle mass may not be a positive step, as it makes you less prepared.

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